Friday, June 03, 2005

Love is Murder

She’s made of silk, and honey
And wrapped in pointed teeth
Her breathe, whispers
Something deep
She’s got hands on her face
To hide her wicked smile
She wants nothing more
Than to dine on me a while

She’s got scabs on her knees,
Blood in her hair
She’s a slut and a whore
But, she’s starring at me
And she’s hungry for more
She gets fucked when he wants
And she gets all that she needs
She’s just missing one thing…

Reach in, pull my heart out,
Smile wide, and squeeze with your mouth
I may not be worth your time
But I’m good enough to eat
Love is murder.

She needs to bite, and suck,
And rip this heart apart
Probe with her fingers
Inside this aching chest
Trying to decide
While knifing around
Which parts of me
She likes best

Here I am,
All tattered and torn
Love’s last gasps spurting
From this hole in my chest
She’s leaving, not saying goodbye
Just a farewell finger
Stuck in my face
It's my fault I’m in this place

Tear it some more, juicy and ripe,
Strip down, and fuck on my heart
I’m not good enough
And now there’s nothing left to eat
Love is murder.


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